Saturday, March 31, 2007


OK - Now, I know I promised not to jump ship on IU. Before you go around burning my likeness in effigy, please note that I am still the biggest Hoosier fan (well, besides Chad) this side of the Ohio Border. I still wear my "Indiana Fight" T shirt with pride. I am not going to allow my kids to go to OSU, or be Buckeye fans even when all of their friends call them names. When they say "Go Bucks!", I will beat them severely & lock them in the attic.

That being said, OSU is in the Big Dance...the final game...for the whole enchilada...kit & kaboodle...ball of yarn... supersized big mac combo... you get the idea. Since they are a Big 10 team, I was thinking of (secretly) hoping they win. Is it anti-IU to root for them? I haven't watched but 2 games this whole March....I feel very bandwagonish to start now.

Sigh. Wish IU were in it. No dilemma there!

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Bridgette said...

Chad says it is OK - he said that since OSU beat the Hoyas, it was good to root for them. Georgetown has Ewing Jr playing for them, who jumped ship on IU. I think it is justified.