Sunday, March 25, 2007


I finally pulled myself together & got out there today. I mean, really, it was about 80 degrees in the apt & I was so tired of the "TONY GET TO BED" game. So, I put on my new adidas shorts (rockin!), my old pink tank (rockin!), Body Glide (rockin!) and my old Brooks (uh, yeah) and got out there. Since my neighborhood stinks, I went to Chad's co-worker's neighborhood. Parked the car & started running. I had myself a little plan, but of course, it didn't work out. I don't know the names of the streets, & the route was a little curvy (you know how those new subdivisions are) .... so I'm running & think that I'm doing great, doing my route that I had set out to do...then what do you know...I am running the opposite direction on the street!! So, I really don't know how far I went. I do know it was less than 3 miles because I ended my run at about 33 minutes.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, so I think I'll run right after work in Westerville. It's a little hilly, but that's life. I want to do 4 miles. I think I can swing it. Maybe I'll even wear my new clothes that I ran in today.... OK, maybe not, I stink!! :)

Onto other news... Wii is TOO MUCH FUN!! This is so much better than the Xbox or the Gamecube, or even PS3. It is too easy to do , which means that it is too much fun!! Tony is even pretty good at bowling! He got a 145 this weekend! I love visitors, so email me with your 16 digit # & we can become Wii pals! Maybe I can get more than 1 Mii in our parade! :)

Tony is signed up for Sprout Soccer! We got him his cleats, shin guards, & #3 ball. I can't wait! If you didn't know, Chad & I are way into team know, baseball, volleyball, softball, basketball, football...yadda yadda yadda. I think that's why I have such a hard time running, because, you know, it was always punishment. Anyway, I am such a huge dork. We just signed him up on Saturday. First 'game' is 4/21. (Game is in quotes because at his age, they just run around like maniacs kicking each other.) I am proud of him & he hasn't even DONE ANYTHING! Am I crazy or what?! I promise not to be one of those psycho moms that scream at the refs or umps or whatever & tell everyone that my son is the best out there (we all know that he is-smile!). He looks so cute with his gear on! As soon as we get the t-shirt I'll get a pic up here.

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i. heart. wii.