Saturday, March 31, 2007


I called my good friend Leah to see how she & Jason does it. No, not THAT - the ice bath. Ease into it, or take the plunge? She advised me to just go for it - which I did. It took me 2 (good) tries though. I put one foot in & it hurt so bad that tears actually sprung to my eyes! I have given birth to 2 children for Christ's sake! This is just a little cold water! Then I realized that the trick was to not submerge the toes! No $h!t Sherlock! It was much more pleasureable after that...well, manageable. Leah didn't tell me that little gem... for which I will get her. :)

How do people do this all the time? Like pitchers icing their shoulders, or football players after a game?? Crap in a bucket, I couldn't do it. Not that tough.

7 miles.... it was windy, & late.... I started at 7:30. Took me 1:30 (ish) to complete. I really wanted to quit at 50 minutes, but I really have to get over that. Not my best run, but not something to be ashamed of. I planned out when to get water, which is new for me. I usually don't water during a training run, but this is getting to be too long without H2O. I am actually comtemplating doing a gu/cliff block/something run next week to see how I do. My last 1 mile(ish) was pretty ugly. More of a shuffle than a run(jog). I'm sure all the motorists thought that I was having some sort of aneurysm or stroke.

How do you all plan your day around running? Here's a perfect example of how I am not a good runner... I had a chance to eat at 12 with the kids. That way I could get my run in @ 2 while the sun was out & the kids were sleeping. This makes for a much happier husband & a much more enjoyable run because I'm not worried about some doberman sneaking up in the dark & biting my butt. But, did I eat - no. Why? Because I wasn't hungry then. However, I was hungry when I was supposed to be running. HOW DO YOU DO IT? I think I need to plan my day better, food & all because this is re-donk-u-lous.

OK - the ice bath took me 4 tries... the first 2 I didn't get a foot in the water because I felt the cold draft on my tootsies! :)

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miss petite america said...

i play on my brother's wii when i am at his house, so next time i am there i will get the info.

i tried an ice bath tonight too. that shiz is COLD! i just plunged in and once you're in, you're just in and you just grit it out chica. that and i brought a book with me and took deep deep breaths :)

and way to rock the 7 miles!