Saturday, March 10, 2007


Today was the 10K training run - I completed it & actually did well! As well as can be expected after over 1 week of no running. Official time 1:15! Pace is right on for me - about 12 min/mile. I even left my watch at the apt on accident. Maybe I should do that more often & just run by feel? This whole living in Columbus thing is yet to be completely figured out. The new apt is so small compared to the house so we had leave a ton of stuff behind. Going back & forth is an adventure...3 hours with 2 kids hoping that you didn't leave something behind.

It started out as expected - tons of people passing me at the beginning. Then, everyone sort of fell into pace. I was sticking with the same people from about mile 2 on. Usually I have to walk about 12 minutes in, but this time, I went almost 4 miles before walking. I really tried to get that 4th mile in, but then I felt queasy & nauseous. I figured I would listen to what my belly was telling me & walk for a little bit. I wish I could tell how long I walked, but I left my watch at the apt!

Then at mile 5 I told this guy that was going back & forth with that I wasn't going to let him beat me. Then he pulled away! ha! But I kept up with him at the 6 mile marker I poured it on. So at the VEEEERY end..I mean 2m from the mat I pulled in front of him & beat him! I also passed this girl that tried to give me a run for my money but she was kind of chunky & I was feeling like there was no way that this girl was going to beat me!

I feel pretty good about this race. I didn't put too much pressure on myself - I knew there was no way I was winning anything (not with 1800 participants!) but I needed to be out there to make myself do it. This was a great long training run.

Indy Mini Marathon ... only 55 days left .... less than 2 months... whoa. I really hope I'm ready for this!


Dave said...

Nice job. Sounds like a great run - and the weather couldn't have been any more perfect... wish I was training for the Mini this year. It feels weird not to.

Way to finish too!

Joe said...

Nice job, Bridgette! Way to run down that guy and that chick at the end.

LeahC said...

nice job!!!! way to get around those people at the end. I always look for someone to try and pass by the end, i think it helps mentally!