Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Definition: your chest & back sweaty while your saddlebags & lower stomach are freezing!!

My Pal Hal says to start running this week, so I did. :) I did 3 miles Monday & will do 3 more today. Monday were outside, today's will be on the mill. Yesterday I was supposed to do either 2mi or x. I truly think that shovelling snow is x!! Plus when I ran on Monday, I stupidly ran on this trail that I thought would be plowed, but it wasn't... just trampled. So, I ran partially on the compacted snow. But then it would be too bumpy where people had ran their bikes, or let their dogs *go*, so I had to run in the powder for a while, which then turned into a shuffle. So, I think I should get credit for more than 3 miles.

Temp: 30ish, no wind
Wore: tights, underarmour mock turtleneck, black zip up jacket; regular socks
Felt: bizarre, need another layer on the saddlebags. toes were surprisingly warm.

Inside on mill.

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LeahC said...

oh yeah...i totally get that. I come back in from running and my legs and lower stomach are totally all red and itchy and gross and the rest of me is fine.

nice job on the schedule :-)