Tuesday, January 23, 2007


OK - a treadmill. :) I have finally returned to my beloved exercise routine. My husband has been taking our home pc to work with him.... in his defense, it is his work computer. Plus, he has been travelling due to his transfer to Columbus. So, that's the reason for the no posts lately. We are in the process of moving & selling the house (see yesterday's post), so that's another reason for the lackluster performance lately.

Let's see, what's new....

3 miles is hard again. Sorry, Leah, I did not take your TERRIFIC advice & continue to run 3 miles. I am starting basically all over again. Plus my first training race is February 10th!!! But I consider that my kick-off & not indicative of my actual performance in the mini. I'm doing a modified novice program from Hal Higdon. Modified by none other than the greatest running coach (non-paid, of course) LEAH!!!

I have decided that x-training will be the Wii!! It is so fun - I definitely recommend everyone playing this thing! :)


LeahC said...

:-) Thanks girl.

can't wait to read about your training! and you are wii-ing? oooh i am so jealous :-) Good luck with the move. hi to everyone!

Joe said...

> how do you know
> if you're sweating
> when you're already
> wet (from swimming)?

I go by perceived temperature. If I feel hot, I must be sweating.

Lana said...

Way to get back at it! I want a Wii!!!