Monday, November 06, 2006


As you can see to the side of my blog, I am now posting a schedule of what I do each week. I did not update it for this week (haha, I'm already slacking), but will do that tonight. That way I have some sort of accountability. If I don't post on a run during the week, you can call me on it. Some of them will probably just be the footer at the bottom of this post... really, do you want to know about EVERY SINGLE run I do? I'm actually quite boring when I don't vomit, get run off the road, fall, or run into bushes/branches.

This weekend - ah, I did 1/2 of what I wanted to do. Instead of resting on Sunday, I did my Friday 3 miles. So, that is 2 WEEKS of only running 3 miles. That's OK, though. I'm going to do better. I'm getting excited about the Jingle Bell run & I know I gotta get into action. I know you marathoners out there thing I'm a complete wussy... :) The time was 31:01. I walked about 5 WHOLE MINUTES! I never quantified it before, I but I walk an effing lot! If I could just stop walking, I could be REALLY FAST!

Temp: 54 degrees, windy (14-22mph)
Wore: NB shorts, long sleeve cotton tee, gloves
Felt: Good, had to take off the gloves going out, but the headwind got to me coming back in, so I had to put them back on.

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LeahC said...

don't worry about how much you walked. Quantify every time you do it and work on making it less each time :-) Nice job on putting what you are going to do each week on the blog.