Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Last night I was doing my workout (i know i haven't posted my schedule yet) on the treadmill. I placed my towel over the console because otherwise I would look at them slowly moving up... SLOWLY inching toward my goal.

So, after a couple of commercial breaks, I wanted to see where I was I moved the towel...and the treadmill stopped dead in its tracks! I got to see that I was at 21:?? minutes, but not how far I went! I must have hit some sort of stop button, but usually it doesn't erase the whole workout!

So, I restarted the *stupid* machine & ran for another 11 ish minutes. I have no clue how far I went, but I ended up with 32 minutes (ish) for Tuesday.

dumb treadmill


LeahC said...

i also hate treadmills. i have found that taking an ipod helps the boredom factor.

Lana said...

Oh that sucks. Stupid machines. I like to do the treadmill every once in a while just for the change....but they can be a real pain. Sounds like your running is coming right along, though...great job!!

Dave said...

I have grown to hate treadmills, but they are (for me at least) a necessary evil. I have had similar "events" where the treadmill stops all by itself... does not make the run much fun.

Anonymous said...

Some people call them dreadmills but here in Vancouver, where we are getting monsoon rains right now, I prefer to call mine a thrillmill.