Wednesday, November 29, 2006


We have been dreading this.... T needs glasses. Evidently, his eye crossing is caused by far-sightedness - NOT crossing his eyes because he thinks its funny. His eye was crossing very slightly, so we decided to do something about it before it got really bad.

So now, here comes the twist... He HATES putting them on. We tried to get him to try a couple pair on at the opthlomologist's office & he refused. Any tricks of the trade out there to get an (almost) 3 year old to wear glasses?


Peggy Easton said...

Ok Bridge-Time for drill sargeant Mom to kick in. Be firm, be the boss. Start out having him wear them for short periods of time- reward him if he doesn't throw a fit. (Remember the breathing treatments?)Maybe if you wear yours- he'll will be more inclined to wear his.

LeahC said...

poor kid....i agree with what peggy was saying. rewards for wearing them for some amount of time and wear yours to make him feel better about having to wear them. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yikes. It's hard to make a 3 year old do anything. Maybe try telling him that he looks handsome in the glasses? Or that he'll have special Superman vision?