Saturday, September 16, 2006


I took the plunge! 2007 Mini Marathon, here I come! I sort of feel like I have signed my life away...well, at least my spring. Not only did I sign up for the race, but also the 3 race training series as well. But, there's no turning back now, even if I am feeling a bit of buyer's remorse.

My estimated time was 2:40 on the registration. Some may say that I wussied out by not putting 2:30 on there...but, I don't have much time to amp up the speed!!

Cheers to all Mini hopefuls!

Today's run will be a fun 4 miles. It is nice & sunny, with a great breeze, and not hot at all! Yep, great weather for a run.

Last night, Chad hooked the trailer up & I took T on a ride. He was pretty bored after 5 miles though. We just went around the neighborhood & the adjecent communities. He liked to see the geese & the other kids playing, but he is only 2 & sitting longer than that just wasn't happening. Maybe next time we can go a more 'happening' route. I am not too comfortable riding far from the house yet with him tagging along. I just have these horrible scenarios run thru my head.


Running Jayhawk said...

Awesome!! The Indy Mini is one of the three half marathons I'm considering for the spring...

...I'm still not sure which I'm going to go for, but I know I need to sign up sometime soon!

Jason said...

Sweet. That was my first race of any kind, and I really found the three training runs really helpful, just figuring out how to race and all that and having definitive goals. good luck with all the running.

Bridgette said...

They say it's going to close in october...better get your entry in!!

LeahC said...

the mini is awesome! i should probably just sign up.....I agree with Jason on going to the training runs they provide, it's nice practice and you get to run some of the route before race day.

I want to sign up but we are planning a marathon in march, and I have a relay race in april and june AND i don't even know if i am going to be around :-(