Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I realized something last night while doing my 3mi chilly/windy run with Susan... that you are all human! I know that sounds completed retarded & um... obvious, but until now I had been thinking that you guys don't have problems running (even though I read about them).

You know when you're out there doing your thing & you feel like everyone around is going faster than you (which in my case is true)? Or when you're super cold or hot and achy? Or when your legs hurt & you don't want to walk, but really have to?

I thought I was the only one that actually felt and thought those things! But, I realized that you all feel it too. When I look at you running, you look so serene and capable. You look like you are going to really kick my butt! (most of the time you do) But inside you're churning & thinking about all the things I am!!!

I can't believe that I just realized this simple and powerful idea. It was as if you were all posting your hurdles there for me to jump over. So, when I'm outside pounding pavement, I'll think of you guys.... and how you are all doing the same that I am (just faster).


Bob said...

Exactly, it is all relative. And trust me there are many many people out there that strive to be where you are miss triathelete. :)

Mootab said...

I am so glad that you have posted this Bridgette! This is the thought that I used to think when I was training during the summer and winter conditioning during football.

After reading this today I know that I can get back to that football shape just will take me a little longer than before.

So just remember that when you are kicking my but when we run!

Lana said...

Right on, Girl!! You are exactly right. And "fast" is SO relative. You are faster than ALOT of runners I know. And you're getting faster all the time. I always think the same thing you do, though, - that everybody else is faster than I am...or, if I could only take 1 more minute off that 5k...or, maybe I'm not cut out for this. But we're all out there trying to reach our goals and better ourselves in same ways...which is really neat...and something for us all to proud of.