Monday, September 04, 2006


As you have undoubtedly noticed, my blog has been pretty slow lately. OK, I'll come right out and admit it - it's DULL... as in old butter knife at my dad's house dull... a blind date with a CPA dull... ashy knees & elbows dull.


I have admitted I have a problem. That's the first step to recovery, right? I thought that it would be easy, just go out & keep running/biking/swimming, right? Well, my ole motivation meter is on E. I went out on 2 runs in the past 2 weeks & they were both less than 3 miles at a leisurely pace. Please help me with what helps you! I think I need to get another race in this year before I completely fall off the wagon.


IU Football Rocks!!!

We went to the home opener this weekend. It was a bit breezy, but with the tent wall up, we were warm enough. It was so much fun, until they starting with the cannons... everytime we scored - a cannon exploded. Crap. Well, there goes the fun. The baby would start to cry & Tony would look like he wanted to crawl under his seat. So we left after the 1st quarter. The next time we'll go is probably homecoming - it's going to be a big tailgate .... all Hoosier fans are welcome!!! Don't worry if you don't want to say you'll come this early. All you commitment-phobes, I'll probably post another reminder when it gets closer. This will be after the Chi Marathon, so I don't know what else you'll have to do!


Bob said...

Fall is racing season take advantage of that to run and or bike or both some races. Take advatage, with a little research I bet you can find some fun ones. Then when winter gets here find a spring tri or goal you want to be ready for and start getting ready.

Good luck

LeahC said...

homecoming...very interesting.....jason and i will be thinking about it.

i would say for the fall/winter work on getting a nice strong base beneath you before you start training for the mini maraton. I would say that you should be comfortable running about 5 miles or so. Get some good winter running gear becasue in my opinion there is no better feeling that getting through a run when it's cold and snowy out. Running in the winter is one of my favorite times to run. if you spend a bit of cash on good clothes you don't need that much...some pants, a long sleeve shirt and a jacket and you should be good to go up to pretty low temps. i have lots of winter running tips so just let me know what you need girly :-)