Saturday, September 23, 2006


Last night I averaged a faster run than I normally do.......11:35 min/mile!!!! And the crowd goes wild!

That was thanks to my good friend Shawna, who is much speedier than me.


Lana said...

Great job!!! Keep it up!

Lana said...

Bridgette - just saw your comment on my blog - to answer your questions about the running skirt - Yes, the skirt really does have good coverage on the thighs...that's why I got the Gym Girl (it has shorts underneath) instead of the Marathon Girl. Michele has both and doesn't even wear her Marathon Girl. The first time I ran mine, it rode up a little and caused a little bit of chaffing, but yesterday I put some Body Glide on beforehand and it worked great - no chaffing at all.

Chris said...

Awesome! Good for you. What's the next benchmark for your success?