Saturday, August 05, 2006


On the spur on the moment, Susan & I decided to run in this race as a training run for Eagle Creek.

Chad & I woke up this morning at 5:30. Not in anticipation of the race, although I was nervous. The Dude came into our room to tell us he had an accident - all over the bed. I can't be upset because he has gone over 3 weeks without having any kind of accident (except when he had diarrhea on Thursday - you don't want to know). Even on Thursday, he went all night without having an accident.

So, we decided to just get up & get everything ready. It was a good thing too, we left at 6:45 ish with both kids in tow. We got to the Velodrome at 7 ish to register. Took a couple of warm up laps in the parking lot, then the Dude wanted to race, too. We took off & he beat the pants off me!

I didn't know the route, but we lined up at the START placard. The wheelchair athletes went first. Then the runners were called to the starting line (that included me - wahoo!) Then we were off! I started a little too quickly, then remembered that I am NOT FAST and pulled back a bit. Susan pulled away a bit at the 1/2 mile mark & I never caught back up with her. At the half-way(ish) mark there was a water table...which I took a cup. But, I put my hydration strategy for Eagle Creek into action & only took a couple sips & threw the rest away.

The path was pretty well marked. It went from the parking lot of the Velodrome to Cold Spring Rd, then back through the Riverside greenway, back onto Cold Spring with the last bit (maybe .1 mile) in the Velodrome. I wasn't mentally prepared for this last .1 because I thought that the race would be done once I turned the corner to get back into the parking lot (see, I wish I knew the route!). I had already starting turning 'it on' when I saw the turn into the parking lot. Then, shit, I had to go INTO the Velodrome, which was actually pretty cool. So, I backed down in the parking lot, and back on in the Velodrome. I tried to sprint, which Susan said that she thought I did pick up speed in the last bit.

In the end, I'm pretty happy with my race. My official time is 34:10, which you can see on the results that I was back of the pack. But, I won 3rd in my age group! I don't really know how many were in my group (probably 3), but I don't care. I got an award!!!

At least I did it & have my first race over before the Tri. I am really glad that Chad & the kids came! I will post pics as soon as Blogger starts being my friend again.


LeahC said...

YEAH!!!! Nice job girly! That'll get you into racing mode for your tri!!!

Running Jayhawk said...

Awesome job with the race!!! :) And third! That's fantastic!!! (who cares how many folks were in your division...that's some bragging rights you've got there!)

Brooke said...

It took me YEARS to place in my age group... you rock!!! Keep up the good work and know there are tons of people cheering you on. I really enjoy reading your blog!

Peggy Easton said...

Woo Hoo Bridge- That goes to show the racing blood is alive and well! Way to go!- looking forward to watching the tri and seeing you kick some butt! First time out and you do fantastic. You rock!

Dave said...

Nice job on the race and way to go on placing third!

Lana said...

Great job!! Any race where you get an award is a good race!