Thursday, August 03, 2006


I have decided to change my focus on the triathlon. Instead of setting a time goal for myself (which I am inclined to do, since I am competitive), I am just going out there with 1 goal - enjoy myself & finish the race.

I did about 8 miles in 34 minutes on the bike last night. I didn't really time it or map it out because it was just to get out there & do enough miles so that a transition to running would be tough. (this falls in line with #1) I succeeded in my goal. During my transition I drank a couple swigs of water...bad idea. After 3 steps, I felt a familiar twinge in my left side, which got increasingly worse with each step I took. My usual cure for this stitch is to breathe in a rhythm, exhaling really well. This didn't work. Nothing worked except walking; which I did most of the run(walk). I'm not complaining. It just was what it was. I guess you can't kick ass on every run - at least my bike portion last night was great!

Here's my triathlon plan thus far:
Clothing - I have been struggling with this. I have decided that I am going to wear a bathing suit & my running shorts (which are lycra - seeeeexy!) during the whole thing.

Swim - just survive!

Bike - go balls to the wall the whole time. This is my favorite part because the wind really makes you feel like you're going 800mph!

Run - pre-hydrate on Friday like a maniac. Then prehydrate with 1/2 gatorade & 1/2 water mix on the bike. Do NOT drink while transitioning. If needed, take a swig at the water station - in MODERATION. (I have a tendency to drink enough to make it slosh in my tummy).

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LeahC said...

Hey girl-

I think your #1 is perfect. Have fun with the race, enjoy the day. That's what Jason and I did for the first marathon because we had no idea what we could do. Then when you do your next race you can think about what areas you want to improve in and then set a time goal.

I think your clothing sounds fine. I would do a test swiming, biking and running in that outfit to see how it feels. I might want a sports bra on as well....but that's just because me and my huge ....wait, no just cause I feel very uncomfortable if the girls aren't tied down tight :-)..just test it though and see how it feels for you.

I think the hydrating sounds fine. Get a drink of water at the first aid station in the run. small sips, no chugging :-)

I can't wait to see you go :-)