Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Since I am a 'real' athlete now, I have decided to do the Indy 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in May 2007!! Wahoo!

So, in completing the entry form, I noticed that I have to enter an estimated time for the starting corrals. OK - no problem. The 2 races (including the disaster, erm, tri), I have had a 34 min 5K & a 39 min 3 miles... so, I picked 37 minutes for 3 miles as my median time. Let's do the math:
3mi / 37min = 0.082 mi/min = 4.86mph
13mi / 4.86 mph = 2.67 hours for the mini!

Can this be true?

So I checked out McMillan Running that I got from Leah to estimate my 1/2 marathon time... it is 2:37! Yah!!!

PS Tony is probably going to do the Rookie Run, so that he can race too. He always wants to whenever I go, so I think he'll be pretty psyched...OK, I have officially crossed over into psycho-dom. Planning a year in advanced for my 2 year old to do a run. Someone please help me...


LeahC said...

the indy mini is so fun. jason and i will probably sign up tomorrow. i got lots of distance training tips for you :-)

Running Jayhawk said...

hey!! we're thinking about doing the indy-mini, too!! You can totally pull a 2:37 :)

Loooooooove the Rookie Run! How cute and fun!

Dave said...

The Mini is such a fun run - you'll love it.