Tuesday, August 01, 2006


My work is having a contest. 4 people to a team. Everyone wears pedometers and the team with the highest step count wins! I am definitely sure that my team is going to win! (I'm not competitive or anything!)

Problem is...we need a cool name. I am open to any and all suggestions! I came up with *don't laugh* My Boots Are Made for Walkin'...OK, lame I know. But the team name does not have to be something walking related.... One team's name is Better than Gomez (kinda like Better than Ezra, but we have a guy named Gomez at work). Another was Two & 1/2 Short Guys. Another was thinking about Team Butta.

Please help!


LeahC said...

"Walk A Bridge"?

Bob said...

hmmmmm I wish I knew what sort of work you did.

The Highsteppers, I am hearing that reagee song, here come's the high stepper

Willy Walkers Step Factory play on Willie Wonkas Chocolate Factory

Good luck

Bridgette said...

I am a 401k administrator...so pretty boring stuff!

Bridgette said...

What about Paper Monkeys

Peggy Easton said...

How about Fear This!

Mootab said...

how about:

Team Rebel Walking Squade 401K
Team Smooth Strutt'in
Team Vegas Or Bust
Team NO Limit Strutters
Team We'll Kick your A**! if you beat us
Team Hoo'Dey!!
Team High Life
Team Energy
Team Power Step'in
Team Step Groupies
Team Hershey
Team Light Year
Team Round Up

Mootab said...

oh yeh here is a few more

Team Skywalker
(you thought I wouldn't reference Star Wars)
Team Yoda
Team Jedi
Team Hansolo
Team Jaba
Team force
Team Sith
Team New Hope

Ok I'll Stop