Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This morning started at 4:45 am...with the pitter patter of little feet and I NEED TO GO POTTY!!

So, The Dude stalled on the toilet for about 30 minutes until he was finally banished from the bathroom & back to bed.

Then the alarm rang for me to get up for 5:15 (mere seconds after my pillow hit my head). So, I dredged back out of bed & put on some running shorts & a sports bra. While brushing my teeth, I noticed that it is ABSOLUTELY BLACK outside. Crap! I don't have anything ready to go to hit the Y to use the treadmill because I thought I would be able to run around the neighborhood... damn daylight savings time... poop on my day.

How do you people run in the am when it is completely dark??


LeahC said...

well lit streets and wear white or light colors so that you can be seen. This gets tricky in the winter because you'll notice many of running clothes are black.....but just run in the dark...carefully :-)

Dave said...

I sometimes take the easy way out and run on the treadmill, but this is boring, so it doesn't happen often. I actually have found running in the dark in the early mornings (though not at 4:30am) is peaceful. I never run with music at this time, run in the neighborhood, which is fairly well lit and actually not very busy with car traffic yet, and always wear my reflective belt my wife got me for Christmas so I'd be safe :)

Bridgette said...

I don't have any reflective thingies to wear...or a treadmill. :(

My neighborhood isn't very well lit. Although you think it would be...

Jeez, don't I sound pitiful? Next time I want to run that early, I'll get my crap ready for the Y.