Monday, August 14, 2006


I am getting an f-ing cold! Darn kids with their darn boogers!

Any tips? I definitely do not want to miss the tri (see countdown) that is coming WAAAY too quickly!! I am loading up on the vitamin C, should I do something else? Should I back off the working out? What should I do?!?!



Bob said...

Do what ever you can I have heard good things about cold-ez but I can't verify. Vitimans, good sleep, good nutrition and lots of fluids. You will be fine, you should be tapering anyway so the exercise I don't think will stress you to much.

Running Jayhawk said...

Airborne. Vitamin C. Eccinacia (totally butchered that spelling).

Rest. Fluids.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

If yer still sicky poo on Thurs, call the doc.

But whatever you do...DO NOT take Claritin D (head over to Nicole's blog at to find out WHY this is a bad idea).

LeahC said...

sleeeeep if possible. when i am getting a cold i take the day off work and don't leave the couch and just sleep as much as it's possible. and oj! oh i hope you feel better. you still have 4 days before your race so that's good news as you have time to get it under control

Joe said...

I've scoured medical journals, studied the Merck Manual and consulted with leading healthcare professionals. The overwhelming concensus is that a leading edge treatment called sleep seems to be the best. You could also try a Canadian-made product called ColdFX.

Dave said...

Hope you are feeling better. Good luck in your Triathlon!