Monday, July 03, 2006


My first scheduled brick was awful. Abso-lute-ly awful. We biked 5.2 miles in 24:14, then got off & ran. Or sort of ran. More like jogged. OK, walked most of the time with intermittent jogging. I really questioned what I had gotten myself into.

I don't normally let that little voice get me down. You know the one that tells you that you're dragging down your running partner & they're never going to get better because of you. Then he always tells me that once she realizes that I am an anchor she's going to cut me loose & never going to run/bike/swim with me again. Today I just kept telling Susan that she really could go farther/faster without me & I'll catch up with her on the flip side. I really got to beat him back into submission...

In the aftermath, I realize that I was dehydrated, it was hot, and the bike was really windy. So, I have to say that the elements were working against me. Not to mention that I ate a couple bites of corn before going on my ride. I thought, hey, it's just corn, I can eat & ride no problem! Yeah, until you burp it while jog/walking & looking completely lobster-y & needing a glass of water.

I don't want to make excuses for myself, because you never know what the conditions are going to be 8/19. I truly hope that it gets better than today. This is's harder than I thought it was going to be....

Hopefully, I will be able to get some training in tomorrow, since - I will say it again - this is harder than I thought.

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LeahC said...

hey girly-

don't let that voice get you down. get him out of your head and just keep moving forward. I know it's hard as I battle the little fella a lot of the time. Just know that this is the first time you are doing this and each run/bike/swim/brick will get easier.

As far as running after biking. yum. yeah it's really hard. We tried it once a few years ago and ran for about 10 steps and then said forget it and headed to the beach :-) It'll get easier and you'll be biking and running smoothly. I think that you shoudl know that the first (pick whatever time/distance) will be difficult, but try to concentrate on the running that will be done after your legs get into the rhythm.

Try having things like bread + peanut butter or cookies before you leave for workouts. Something that will stick with you for awhile. I suggest Pin wheel cookies....i am addicted!