Monday, July 24, 2006


I forgot the best part of my ride. It wasn't the time (which was pretty damn good for me!) or the distance or that on whenever I had Chad look I was doing 16mph. (My cyclematic is still broken.) It was the fact that I beat the damn Hill!! My 2nd ride with Susan we did 11 miles-ish. That day we did the same route that Chad & I took today. I am not ashamed to say that it beat me then....but today I completely KICKED ITS ASS! It is right near the house & I drive up it everyday...I think "Hill you are not going to beat me again!"

The Hill starts at about the 6.8 mile mark & goes through pat the 7 mile mark on the map. It's not very long, but it takes it out of me!

Something else fun happened today! We were about at the 3rd mile & a plane lands in this farmer's yard!! It was crazy! First time I'd ever seen that.


LeahC said...

awe-some!!! that's the best thing about training for an endurance event. you just keep getting better and what beat you on day one is beaten by the end of the training. nice job girly girly.

Michele said...

Great job beating that hill!