Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Bike Nashbar - woot!

I have been keeping this a secret because I am so excited that I didn't want to be disappointed in my new purchase. I have decided that the cages just aren't cutting it & got the SPD pedals & road shoes. Woot! I didn't any old shoe...I got super cool triathlon shoes! Woot Woot! Check these babies out! These are the Pearl Izumi TRI-R2 Triathlon Shoe.

I read reviews on other shoes & was really surprised at how many shoes really suck! I am going to try these out tonight on my ride.

If you have any comments or tips - please let me know!!


Onto swimming...
I went to the Y today to show my friend at work, SDSG, (the super duper swimmer-guy) my pitiful swimming skills. So he shows up & comes into the pool & surprise surprise, the Indy SwimFit coach knows him!! So I have been going to this pool 3x/week for 2 months & he hasn't even said hello to me, but SDSG shows up & he analyzes what I'm doing wrong & gives me tips on how to fix it. :) I guess it pays to knows people.

I guess my problem is that I start out horizontal in the water, but periodically swim with my head elevated - meaning my butt goes down & I have this huge amount of drag. Plus, I need to reach further with each stroke, even slightly twisting so that I can really extend & lengthen my body. So basically, I need a TI buddy because that is how I need to extend my arms... like I try to in my switch drills. Who knows if I'm actually even doing it right? I don't have anyone outside the water watching me. So I thought I was improving, but really, not so much.

I am really hitting the water the next couple weeks - 5x/week.


LeahC said...

sounds like you are kicking the training into gear and it's going well! awesome.

Joe said...

Yes, body position is everything.

Joe said...

Gear freak! Actually, those shoes look pretty cool.

Bridgette said...

Ha - you're the one with the water pack thingy! If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black!

I definitely need to get a gremlin!

Jason said...

Man, between upping the swimming to 5x a week and the two blocks you have done, you are really doing great. You have come so far with your training.

I'm really impressed. Learning three atheletic thngs at Great work.

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