Thursday, July 27, 2006


I swam last night. Usually I don't time myself on the swim because it is just too depressing. But the last couple of laps, I timed each length. I swim about 36-38 seconds for each I did a little math... I figured that swimming in open water with people all around me will probably make me a little I figured about 45 seconds for each 25m...

45 * 20 = 900
900 / 60 = 15


OK, that is pretty darn slow swimming, but I figured it would take me 25-30! That's the one set of good news, that I'm not going to be the last swimmer in. The second bit of good news is that I met a lady in the pool last night doing the tri at Eagle Creek this weekend! Shawna & I ran after the swim. OK, so she's faster than me - about a 10 min mile instead of the ~12 that I usually do. But it was great! I finished the 3 mile run in 34:09. At the end of the run, my arm was chafing on my tank was really hurting!! So I took it off...which was scary. I'm glad I didn't poke Shawna's eye out with any flying flab. In my mind I looked like this:

But I probably didn't look THAT bad. Anybody that has had a baby knows that things don't shrink back into place a mere 7 months later...even when you are working your butt off. Heck, I don't think my butt has been the same since the Dude was born 2 1/2 years ago!

Other news: I won a 15" LCD tv yesterday at my company picnic! Yay!! Now we have more tv's in the house than we have people to watch them.


Joe said...

What an improvement!

Bridgette said...

You talkin about my swim time or my fat picture? :)

Casey said...

How did you get that picture?! You promised not to show anyone!