Sunday, July 16, 2006


Out of control. At least that's what I felt like last night! First of all, I have to curse my stupid walkman for falling off of my pants TWO TIMES last night. If I hadn't had to chase batteries down the street, I would've been SO FASTER!! So, are you ready for it...brace yourself for the wild wicked 3.3 mile course was ran in....

OK, so I'm no speed racer... but this included a 2 min warm up walk at the beginning, AND chasing down batteries 2x, AND having to walk a bit on the side of the road next to the corn because there were 2 cars coming at the same time & I didn't feel like being road kill. So, my unofficial 3 mile run was 34:23 minutes!!
I think I'm going to have to invest in a mp3 player because radio sucks when you're trying to run. I always have these long ad breaks when I really need some music.


LeahC said...


you should look at the iPod nano. no moving parts and really really tiny. comes in 1GB or 2GB...not a ton of space for say your entire music collection but good for working out.

Bridgette said...

Chad REALLY wants one. How much are they?

Joe said...

Great run! And yes, you have to get an mp3 player. Don't you know it's "de rigueur" these days? Hehe. Actually, I used to run with an mp3 player all the time. Now I use it maybe 30 or 40 percent of the time. If you do get an mp3 player, do as Leah says...get one without moving parts. Moving parts + running = disaster.