Thursday, June 01, 2006


OK, not in a Ram, just my little Galant. :)

My swim today was wretched! It was my first outdoor swim in the 50m pool, which is really alot more of a mental challenge than I thought it would you don't get that nice little break like you do in the 25m pool. Add to that the fact that I HAD to share with super-swimmer guy & I was completely intimidated. At least I did do my workout. At the end, I was trying to push it & do 1 more 1/2 lap & swallowed about agallon of water 2m from the end of the pool! This older woman (like 70!) was like, honey are you OK? Between coughing up a lung & being completely embarrassed, I managed to choke out that I am fine, but I'm outta here.

Being that as it was, the run right after the swim was GREAT! I went 1.87 miles in 26.42 minutes. I only walked for 4 minutes!! Well, plus warm up & cool down, so I went further in more time, but I'm only counting the actual workout. This is WAY better than what I started! Maybe its because I was on a treadmill...maybe I'm improving???


Mike said...

Great job on the swim and run!! I know that the Olympic pool swims are rought than the 25m ones, but it's great that you were able to get that much running in afterwards! Keep up the good work!

Bob said...

Nice job, improvement comes slow, believe me I am living it. But it does come, just keep working hard and it will pay off.

LeahC said...

good job girl, nice that you were able to do all that running right after the swim. sweet.

be careful on treadmills though. I think that they do some of the work for you because the machine is pulling your foot back for you don't get all that ourdoor elements like heat, wind and so on. To make it more simulated to out door running put the incline at 1%, I have heard that helps equal the playing field.

Joe said...

> Maybe its because I was on a
> treadmill...maybe I'm improving???

I think you're improving. Despite what some other people might say, I have personally found that running on a treadmill (at least mine, anyway) is a bit harder than running on a smooth trail or a flat, even road. For example, I find that I must exert slightly more energy to run the same distance at the same speed on my treadmill compared to my favourite trail in the park. Perhaps my speedometer on my treadmill is not accurate.

Bridgette said...

Thanks Joe! Leah was trying to be a killjoy! J/K I know she is helping. :)