Monday, June 12, 2006


Last night's run was 3.01 miles in 36ish minutes. Leah is laughing at me right now - 12 minute miles - ha! At least I know I can go the whole distance in the tri. I did walk some...and I noticed that my knee has this great pain right above my shin. I think it's probably just because I run on the side of the road instead of in the know how those country roads can be - the drop off on the edge is kind of steep! I gotta ice it tonight after the bike ride. I actually did the route on (thanks Leah). I thought for sure that my neighborhood would not be on there since it is new construction in the past 5 years. Hell, DOMINO'S won't even deliver because they can't find it in their system!

This morning I went to the Y to do my laps - my FAVORITE part of the tri (sorry Joe, I suck). While I was talking to the card swiper guy, he said that they forgot to turn the heater on & the pool was 71 degrees! I said those people out there are nuts! I took a shower last night after the run, so I could go into work slightly sleep rumpled (hey, I don't see clients) and just do my 250m scheduled for today at noon over my lunch. Chad called me a wimp. I think I'm being prudent. What if I froze into a huge Bridgie-cicle? Then what would my children do for a Mom. I know for a fact that the Dude was really miss me. I did do the swim over lunch.

Tonight's ride was pretty good... not stellar. 10.08mi in 51:12. A little better time... a lot HILLIER course.


LeahC said...

nice job on all of your workouts. i could never do a triathlon! you're crazy.

Dude don't worry about your times. Once you know you can do the distance then you can start worrying about how fast you're doing it. When jason and I started we ran between 10-11 minute miles...but we've been doing it for almost 3 years'll get faster!

Joe said...

Nice job on the run. That's almost a 5K and that time is actually very respectable. Perhaps you should do a 5K running race before your tri. As for the pool temperature, 71 is cold -- I don't blame you for staying out.

Bridgette said...

THANK YOU JOE! I'll look into doing a 5K around here someplace beforehand.