Friday, June 02, 2006


Today's ride was great - 6.04 miles in 28:14. Afterwards, I did crunches & push-ups.... tomorrow's swim will probably hurt, but I gotta get used to it.

I have this weird thing happening with my big toe. The bottom has this strip of skin starting to pull away from it... kind of like a hangnail on your finger, but on the bottom of my toe! I think it maybe was a blister but it popped & now it hurts. How do I stop this from happening? How do I treat a blister on the bottom of my big toe? How do I prevent it from happening again? It doesn't kill yet, but I don't foresee it getting better without intervention.

Think healthy thoughts for Stinky - he has a contagious rash so we can't go do our plans for this weekend. :( It's viral, not like poison ivy...

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LeahC said...

hmm. that's wierd . I found these cool bandaids by Bandaid called Blister bandaids. They are stupidly expensive and you only get 8 in a pack. BUT you can keep them on for more than one day. They are this real wierd texture that's almost like a second skin and once they are on there they won't come off until you pull them off. If it is a blister that might help to protect the area till it heals. As far as the future goes, you can try thse socks called Wright socks, they are double layered and should help with blisters. oh and nice job on the bike!!