Thursday, June 29, 2006


I PASSED! I PASSED! I DID IT! ASPPA read 'em & weep! DC-1 test is OVA! Now I have to pass DC-2 in the fall to get a $1500 bonus & $1500 raise on top of my next performance review merit increase on 1/1/07.

On top of the victorious victory (yes I know that I used the same word 2x), today we biked 9.25 miles in 42:55. Which I think is faster than the last ride.

Tomorrow we are going to visit Dr Raj to check out Chad's histo in his eye. They did the Visudyne treatment about 2 months ago & we're taking a look to see what it has done. Chad says that the double vision is getting better, so maybe it is working?! Cross your fingers & think good thoughts for us tomorrow.

Also, I am getting Tri reports from other newbies from last year that tell me that I am training WAY more than what they did & I'll be fine. I am stressing about the swim. They tell me just get through the swim & you'll make up time on the bike/run portions. I am pretty confident I can swim 500m, even if I mix up the strokes. As long as I keep swimming, I know I'll eventually get there. Eagle Creek is not the Pacific. :)

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LeahC said...

AWESOME!!!!! i totally knew that you were going to pass.

AND you are going to kick that tri's ass this august. woot woot!

tell chad i hope his eye gets better!