Tuesday, June 27, 2006


(insert Rocky theme here)

Today's run was pretty great! I even ate part of a cheeseburger @ 6 & went to run at 7:30! Maybe that's my secret - I need to eat before? It's probably more like I got some compression shorts to run in instead of those fancy cool-looking running shorts with the hi-tech panty in them. Now I don't waste all that energy every three steps to pull down my shorts & I'm not burning my baby-maker up! I know I look like a huge nerd in them, but really, how cool can you look running. And - if I didn't have them, I either pull at my crotch or kick out 1 leg to get the fabric down on the shorts, how cool can that really look?

I took off about a min on my 3 mile time today. I don't know the exact time because Susan had the watch (I forgot mine). But she said that it was 35 minutes-ish. Last time, it was over 36! This route isn't exact because, obviously, the new subdivision across 650N isn't complete in this map, but it's pretty darn accurate. Favoriterun.com shows it at 3.3 miles or something like that.

My neighbor told me his race results: 370 out of 399. There were 3 DQ'd participants. Not too bad, for your first time out & only working on it part time. However, the guys from my work that did the team event, WON THE WHOLE DAMN THING! How cool is that!

You will see my biggest fear below.... I am working hard on this whole swimming thing, but I am so afraid that I will be unable to do it. I am trying to think only good thoughts, but it's hard to beat back the demons....


Jason said...

Yeah, I can see how that would be scary. Of course, I find everything swim related scary.

Just trust your training...you'll be fine. I'm pretty convinced that you can do whatever the hell you want.

LeahC said...

girl you'll be fine. just race your own race and don't worry about all the swimmers swimming around you. i can't wait to come watch ya!