Thursday, June 22, 2006


This post is sort of a cathartic way for me to get what I feel out of my system, because I AM SO MAD!! So, if you do not want to read a quasi-political rant, feel free to turn the channel. What I say may not be PC or even popular opinion... maybe I'm just a freak and the only person that feels this way, but I am entitled to my feelings just like anybody else.

This AM on the Russ Parr Show, Method Man was on the air promoting his new single. They inevitably turned the subject to Oprah Winfrey & Bill Cosby's comments regarding the lyrics and subject matter of hip hop & rap music. Meth said something to the fact that those 2 celebrities should stop downing hip hop and start helping the 'hood. He said that those people need a leg up to better themselves. They need to start thinking about why the artists think the way they do.

Here I am, a white woman of lower middle class decent, raised by my father, in a POOR neighborhood. When I say poor, I'm saying we got clothes at the Salvation Army. My dad worked hard to provide what we needed, but could not provide me with a college education, so I provided it for myself. I received outstanding grades all through my education at Attucks Middle School & Arsenal Tech High School but because I am white, did not qualify for the same hand-out that my neighbors did. By making programs available solely on race, it creates a division between the white poor and the black/hispanic/eskimo/insert-race-here poor. I created my life by my own hard work. I didn't put my story on Maury Povich to get a free dream wedding or Pampers for life.

I think what Method Man said just perpetuates the problem of people expecting a celebrity/government/SOMEBODY to step in and GIVE them something to make their lives better. I believe that if you truly want something, you need to make your own opportunities and not wait on some fairy godmother/Oprah Winfrey to give you one. Notice I never say DISADVANTAGED. I believe someone is only disadvantaged when they believe themselves to be so.

Don't get me started on the argument that someone is owed something because white people 'brought them from Africa'. I think most of the black people in America were born here free, just like me. And if you are so mad about leaving Africa, go back & live in a hut. Also, I seem to remember that it was not just black people as slaves, there were also hispanic slaves, poor European indigent servants, and even Asian slaves.

Basically, you need to create your own life, not blame somebody else for not helping you better yourself. Learn a new way.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson


Jason said...

I was going to try to respond to this, but then I realized I have too much liberal white male guilt to make a decent argument one way or the other.

I think you make a lot of good points, though. More than I do when discussing this topic.

Bridgette said...

You are funny. I just needed to vent this because it has been happening my whole life just because of where I went to school & what type of neighborhood I lived in...WEST SIIIIIIIEEEEEDE!


Bridgette said...

The phrase I was looking for was not indigent servants, it was indentured servants. Sorry for any confusion!!