Saturday, June 03, 2006


OK - this goes out to all of you so-called 'transformed' couchies. I doubt that you were ever a TRUE couchie...

My arms, legs, & back are sore today...but I never hear you complain about this.... I think that you are an IMPOSTER COUCH POTATO!

Now that I have said my piece, I will go back to eating my BBQ chips & rocky road ice cream. Thank you for your time.


Bob said...

haha, I just finished my top notch nutrition, aka Cinnamon Rool, I am all carb loaded for my 10 miler later today once my wife gets home from her "spa trip" aka wine drinking at a posh hotel with old college buddies. How's that for an elite athletes day for ya. Then we need to clean up this joint, it goes to hell in a hand basket when I am here alone with the kids.

Mootab said...

Do any of you know where to get some running, biking, swimming attire with out getting to excessivly pricy? I have been looking for Bridgette and WOW can this tri sport get expensive!!!

Please help,


A.K.A. - Dwindling Pocket Book!!