Monday, June 19, 2006

10.82 MILES - 51:23

That was from the ride Saturday at 6 am. Now that's dedication, baby! Susan & I almost wrecked - I wanted to turn left & she wanted to go straight, unfortunately, she was on my left behind me! So, I think that if we hadn't almost died, it would've been even faster!! Plus, we did some major hills. I wish I could show you the actual steepness of it, but since I do not have some fancy schmancy gremlin watch, I guess I can't do that.

Wanted to post this last night, but the stupid power was out because of a dumb storm. Stupid Mother Nature.....


LeahC said...

gremlin watch. hee hee.

nice job on the ride and not getting injured on the bike crash!

Peggy Easton said...

Are the books of any help? As far as the motion sickness in the pool- focus looking at a single's supposed to help.