Monday, May 22, 2006


We went to the Indy Zoo on Saturday. We were there for 3 hours, but we only saw a couple of things. We went to the Waters area, which was fun - but CROWDED! We watched the polar bear for a while, which the Dude was completely into. What really surprised me about the walrus was that he was RIGHT next to the window for people to see.

From there, we went to the Desert area to see the meerkats. The Dude wanted to see Timon (the meerkat from Lion King), but was very scared of the snakes. So, he didn't stay in there long. I was outside in the cafe area watching ducks. I had to stay with Stinky Butt because strollers weren't allowed. But that's OK - it was BEAUTIFUL outside. Then we went to the Encounters where T got to pet a snake (which is what he was so afraid of earlier...) but would not in a million years touch the bearded dragon. He loved looking at it, but wouldn't touch it at all! He also pet a goat - big surprise there. Also, he was completely enthralled with the chickens - of all things! He kept poking his little fingers in the cage & pulling them out really quickly because they were coming to peck them.

Yeah, I know that I have no face shots on the Dude on here, but he couldn't stop looking at the animals! At least Stinky gave me a big cheeser.


LeahC said...

oh the little guy is so adorable!!!!

Joe said...

In a year or two, Dude won't be afraid of anything.

Bridgette said...

Yeah I know - I'm worried about him because he's too tough for a 2 y/o. He's going to be the kid with the broken bones, I can feel it. Mental note - keep good health insurance!

Oh yeah - one more thing... thanks for the compliment, Leah! I think he looks just like me! ha