Friday, May 19, 2006


OK - I am convinced. I have been searching/researching this stuff & the videos on the website have completely convinced me that I need to buy the book & the dvd & go to a weekend workshop because he makes it look EFFORTLESS. My 'antelope-caught-by-an-alligator' style definitely needs improvement.

If any of you have bought the book/dvd/workshop weekend (eek $450!) please comment & let me know how it worked for you! I will be at Borders after the zoo.


LeahC said...

Hey girl-

I told one of the people I know that has used it to drop you a line with any comments about the progrmam. Either here or your gmail account.

Joe said...


I have never been to a workshop but a friend of mine has and she said it helped her immensely. The cool thing is, I think they take underwater video of your stoke and they analyze it with you.

Having said that, unless you're made of money, maybe you should start with the DVD first. If you like it and you pick up some good tips, then try the workshop and the book.

You could also try the Total Immersion Fistgloves, which teach you to keep your elbow high. I think they are only $10. I've tried them and they do help if you use them consistently.

Until you get your TI products, remember these tips:
- Head position - Look at the bottom of the pool to force you to keep your head down and your hips up.
- Bilateral Breathing - Breath every third stroke to correct any left vs right imbalances in your stork. If you can't breath every third stroke, try breathing on your right on even laps and your left on odd laps. It will feel unnatural but in the long run, it is crucial to developing a balanced stroke.

Bridgette said...

I was definitely planning to get the DVD, but I'll get the fistgloves too. In the meantime, until they come, I'll work on my breathing & keeping my head down. I have been looking down (I thought), but I'll concentrate on nose to the ground. Thanks for the tips!

Joe said...

BTW, when you get the gloves, you'll probably say "Is that it? I paid $10 for these?" That's what I said but they do work.