Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Breathe, Kick, Stroke, Repeat

I am trying to learn how to swim 'right' (in a straight line, without bumping into anything, and without swallowing 80 gallons of water). This is easier said than done. At least the pool was empty except me.

My husband thoughtfully suggested that I join a swim club.... I am horrified at the thought! They would laugh me right out of the pool & I could never go back!

So the first swim workout was supposed to be warmup, 50m, cooldown. I thought, man that's NOTHING, so I did warmup, 200m, cooldown. Which I am not regretting yet (possibly tomorrow though!). Did I mention that the 200m was in 25m increments? :) I can't even do 1 lap - I did 75% of a lap a couple times, but somehow I forget at that point to breathe AFTER I lift my head out of the water & end up coughing & sputtering & looking like a total geek.

I definitely need to do some research & reading to get an idea on what I should look like vs what I already look like. Doing another run/walk later today.... think fast thoughts!


Joe said...

Hi Bridgette! Leah sent me.

Good for you for joining a masters swim club (you did follow through and actually join one, didn't you?)! As Obiwan Kenobi once said "You've taken your first step into a larger world."

For swimming tips, check out the "Swimming Links" section on the sidebar of my blog. In particular, you should check out Total Immersion.

Good luck. Hopefully you'll draw some swimming inspiration from this story on my blog.

Bob said...

I wish I knew how to swim as well, I am going to do a sprint tri this summer for fun, I think I am going to doggy paddle the thing. lol

BTW leah sent me as well, thank goodness she did I was really getting tired of all that running crap. :)

LeahC said...

Hey I told Bridgette about the Total Immersion thing too! (I know nothing about Swimming) but Danny over at Training for My Next marathon was using it and I thought it sounded like he was getting somewhere with it.

it's really the swimming that is keeping me from doing a triathelon...maybe next summer.

Joe said...

Hey have been officially added to the blog links on my sidebar. Now you have to keep writing interesting stories!

Bridgette said...

OK - well I did not join a club. I figure I better try to do at least 2 consecutive laps without drowning before I subject anyone else to my horrible swimming!

Joe said...

Okay but don't wait forever. Once you're in a club and swimming regularly, you'll be surprised how quickly you will improve.