Saturday, May 27, 2006


My husband is convinced that I have swimmer's ear. I swam yesterday as my training plan tells me to and now my ear is tender today. Not horribly, but it does hurt. He convinced me to use equal parts white vinegar & rubbing alcohol drops in my ear. Hopefully it works. No miracle yet, but maybe tomorrow morning it will magically go away!

If I DO have swimmer's ear - what do I do? I can't really take time out of my schedule to stop swimming. I would never be ready if I did so. Have you had it before? Am I being paranoid? It IS allergy season in Cornland - maybe it is just backed up sinuses? I don't know if sinuses would be better or worse? IF I have to stop swimming - should I just substitute the running/biking for those training sessions?

Anyway - I am completely on a back slide with the training. It was awful hot today in the afternoon, so I was waiting for it to cool down a bit before going on my bike ride tonight. But, Chad went out to the annual Wordy's night before the race, AND our babysitter isn't home! So I'm totally screwed! I'll have to bike tomorrow - NO EXCUSES! I should've just gone in the afternoon & sweat my butt off.

Race day is going to be 87 degrees! Whahoo - gotta love Indiana! The BBQ is going to be so much fun!


Joe said...

Swimmer's ear sucks. Here are some tips for coping with it:
- After swimming, use a towel to gently dry the outside of your ear. Next, try using a blowdryer to dry the inside of your ear (low heat, low fan speed setting).
- Don't shake your head like crazy to get the water out. You might pull a muscle in your neck!
- If the problem persists, try taking decongestants. Normally, if water doesn't drain back out your ear, it will drain out your Eustachian tube. If it doesn't, that's an indication that your Eustachian tube might be blocked.
- If it gets really bad, go see your doctor. He'll give you fancy antibiotic ear drops.

Isis said...

I don't know whether rubbing alcohol works to treat swimmer's ear, but I battled s.e. over and over as a kid, and now I put a few drops of alcohol in each ear after each swim. Not only does it kill bacteria and other bad stuff, but the surface tension of alcohol is a little different from water, and it pulls the water out.

There are designated swimmers ear products you can buy (several dollars for a little bottle) but the 69 cents a big bottle rubbing alcohol works just as well.

Happy swimming!

Bridgette said...

Thanks everyone - I would like to recant that Chad convinced me to use vinegar & alcohol. He told me to just use alcohol, the vinegar with alcohol was from the internet.

My pain has subsided without turning bad, so I appreciate the help!

Thank you for listening. :)