Saturday, May 20, 2006


May is upon us! For all you unitiated, pole day is the first qualifying day for the Indy 500 in which the fastest driver on that day wins the pole position. The pole position means you get to start on the inside of row #1. Even if someone goes faster on a later date, they still do not get the pole because they didn't git 'r dun on pole day.

I know you say, but today is the 20th - May has been upon us for 20 days! Oh contrair mon frer (I don't know how to spell that, but sound it out & you'll get the gist). In Indianapolis, May TRULY begins on Pole day because you know that everyday you'll hear the insistant roar of IRL cars. Open wheel racing is at its finest at Indy!!

I have been so caught up in my own little universe that I didn't even realize that next week is the big dance - the GREATEST SPECTACLE IN RACING! My father would be so disappointed in me. I have grown up in possibly the most racing family ever (next to the Andretti family)! My grandfather even ran in the 500! So, I have made an effort tonight to make sure that I stay true to my roots - the Pole Sitter for the 90th running of the Indianapolis 500 is (drum roll) Sam Hornish Jr!!!!

Plus anyone who has ever been to my other grandmother's house knows that she has the race on tv (muted) and is listening to it on the radio because the announcer is better. Maybe the tradition won't die with my dad - my brother has a small burgeoning hobby & there's always my 2 sons.....

More May tradition comes on Thursday, which is CARB DAY!! This is one of the most fun days at the track. It is the Thursday before the race & it's when the pit crews have their races to determine who's the fastest. It's always the day that people try to go to if they can't make it to the other practices. Which means, it kicks off the entire race weekend & the party starts when the track opens! This year, unfortunately, I will not be attending Carb Day.... but I'm sure I'll have some sort of story to tell you.... keep it locked - don't touch that dial.

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LeahC said...

My family always went to the Indy 500 as bridgette knows. So when I found out that Bridgette's dad worked in the pits for one the drivers I thought I had met a movie star!