Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Yes, I know Leah has tried to out me as a Trekkie, but what she doesn't know is that she has unwittingly taken herself out of the closet! Yes, OK, I admit it - I watched Star Trek, but only the Next Generation on Fox & I NEVER went to a convention.

I just put the Big Guy to bed & it never amazes me the things that he just picks up. For instance, today I said to him, "OK Cool dude, get in the car so we can go." He said, "I'm not a cool dude. So we asked him are you a dorky dude & he said, "Yeah, I'm a dorky dude!" He'll tell me that Spiderman is in his bed!

My husband has finally found proof! See THE TRUTH below!


Bridgette said...

OK I am going to put a comment out here before I get a ton of hate comments.... I did not create/write/say anything in this article.

However, you can probably tell what my feelings are on this subject - GO IU!!

LeahC said...

that's hilarous, and i still can't believe that it was published in the IDS (that's the indiana daily student for you non hoosiers out there)

Joe said...

You only watched Next Gen? Okay, you are not a Trekkie then.

I would excuse you for not watching DS9 -- that show sucks. Those characters were so lame. They would just sit around at the space station expecting fun to come and find them. They should have gone out looking for fun instead!

Okay, Enterprise was kind of stupid too. I mean, really, Scott Bakula? He was a poor choice for captain. However, did make a good choice when they chose Jolene Blalock to play T'Pol -- IMHO, she's even hotter than Seven of Nine!

But what about Voyager and Old Gen? C'mon, you have to be a fan of those two shows!

Bob said...

Kids say funny stuff, my five year old nephew had a beauty just today. My sister pulled his pants on him for school and did not hike them up quite far enough and his underwear was sticking out the top.

He said and I quote "Mom, you can't send me to school looking like a Rapper" Huh, I mean where does he get this shit.

Bridgette said...

I saw Voyager a couple times, but I didn't really like the guy that ran the bar. He weirded me out. So, I couldn't really get into it at all. I really liked Jean-Luc Picard, he was awesome.