Friday, May 19, 2006

was at the pool today. He was WAY better than the last one. He ignored me when I told him not to watch my pitiful swimming & actually gave me a tip that I am relying to much on my kicking & that I should concentrate on pulling more with my arms. Then he said if I only had to do 1/2 of the pool, I'd be a great swimmer! So that means if I only had to go 12.5m I would be golden!

When I start my actual drills next week, it should be better, right? Why am I gobbling up this high school kid's advice like Chiclets? I could tell by the way he proudly displayed his North Central Swim Team jacket that he's at least 1000 times better than me, so I guess I'd better listen...

My bike today was also better, even though the wind was blowing so hard that I almost stood still! I went the same 2.52mi in 13:33 instead of 14:40 on Wednesday. Yeah, I know I said it took 15 minutes, but what's 20 seconds really?? Please, people are still running faster than I bike.

Tomorrow we're going to the zoo - I'll give you an update about all of that then. The Dude wants to see bears because they're SCAAARY and say ROOOOAR! He's 2, cut him some slack.

Hasta pasta amigos!

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LeahC said...

have fun at the zoo!

I would eating up any advice from any swimmer. but again my drowning skills would be needing that :-)