Sunday, May 28, 2006


I did my running this am at 7:30. I ran for 25 minutes - a little ahead of my training schedule, but that's ok. OK - you caught me, I didn't ACTUALLY run, I jogged. OK - you caught me again. I didn't jog the ENTIRE time. But, I am jogging more & walking less. Forward progress!!
Taking the Dude to the pool today - maybe I can get a lap or 2 in??


Joe said...

25 minutes! Nice! Before you know it, you'll be running for the full 25 minutes.

Peggy Easton said...

I am so impressed! Maybe you can use machines in place of the outdoors?

Bridgette said...

Thanks Joe - although you know you could run that in your sleep & drinking a beer!

Yeah - I could use the machines when it is too hot outside, but I really need to get used to it because that's where I'll be doing the tri.

LeahC said...

good call on the practicing in the heat. it's weird but i think it helps in the your body will adjust. just be careful and drink lots of water this summer.