Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Looking for a good hiking tip in West Virginia.  I am looking for something very scenic - slightly rugged - VERY fun!  Any suggestions peeps?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Someone really funny told me to google "where is chuck norris" and click the first link... I'll wait.  Do it!!!!  I swear it's not porn.

LOL - told you it was funny!

FYI - i am 29 miles into my 500 mile goal for 2012.  Shut up - I just started this goal in May! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I started to read an un-named blog because someone recommended it to me because the woman was a single mom that juggled working out with training for Spartan Beast and Ultras. I thought - hello!! Who could be a better inspiration than that?!

WTF - she worked at a gym! I felt like I had been lied to! Cheated! Bamboozled! Of course she has time to work out - that's her frickin job!

Anyway - back to your regularly scheduled program.


Do you just pretend that the 2 years has passed since your last post?  Ooooor, do you try to do a synopsis of said 2 years in the most brief way possible to catch-up everyone that HASN'T been reading your blog... hello!?  It's been 2 freaking years!

I am not going to fill you in.  It's gotta be boring - so let's just say I am 2 years old and so are you.  *ahem*

I have a goal this year to run 500 miles for the rest of the year - from May through December.  I am 20 miles in.  That's not daunting or anything. :)

I have been running mostly on the mill, lately.  It's not horrible, but I really would rather run outside.  I need to make going outside more of a priority... let's face it, unless I make it a priority, it ain't getting done.

Just did the Dirty Girl mud run  - see picture. :)  It was kinda easy.  But totally fun.  Next couple of races will be the Head for the Cure and Carmel Freedom Fest 4.5 mile run.  Because they're both free. :)  Gotta love KSM wellness events.  I'm not sure I'll do a race report on these like I have in the past... unless something spectacular happens.  I don't know if my slow running is as riveting to you as I think it is.  Although, I have noticed that when I run fast (for me!) my hair blows back like Christopher Walken... that's always what a girl loves to look like!

Chad and I are also *hopefully* doing the Warrior Dash again this year.  Last year it was SO much fun - only marred by the kidney infection the following week that I think was totally related!  (Note to self - HAND SANITIZER!)

In order to meet my 500 mile goal, I need to sign up for a 1/2 or something big.  I lose interest without a goal.  I have tried to do the Indpls Monumental for 2 years and my knee started hurting both times!  I think that's a sign to try a different race.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Running is going well. I am getting back into the swing of things - 3 weeks in! :) Doing kickboxing is really helping my running. It's amazing how actually following the training schedule makes you better than going at it half-assed. :)

Kickboxing is really kicking my butt too! I don't think that there has been 1 class that I didn't take a break of some sort. Some of those breaks have been just to stop myself from barfing - so those are totally excusable. Shut it - i said that they were excusable, darnit!! :)

The Dude is doing taekwondo - and sticking with it! I'm so happy that he's found something that resonates with him. Team sports were just realllly painful to watch. We're going to the national tournament in September, and we're super excited about it. We just paid to have his patches put on his uniform, so that's the biggest committment we've made to a sport ever.

Stinky wants to do basketball or soccer this fall. I really have to get on that but I don't know how i'm going to fit that in my schedule. We're totally booked most nights, so it'll have to be Mondays I guess.

It's amazing how hard it is to get a whole post in here after you don't post for months.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Later this week, we'll have this in our driveway! :) I am really excited to be able to have the kids play in the front yard. Maybe I can work on my dunk. LOL

In running news, I'm actually still working on my base for the Monumental Half. I haven't signed the dotted line yet, but we have a team! :) R from my neighborhood, 2 girls from work, and one of their sisters are all joining "Team Make Me a Sandwich". OK, that teamname is still in the works - but I think it's funny! We're debating on a tshirt or something like that for our team. It may be chilly on Nov 6th, but it could be sort of warm too - so we don't know what to do. Maybe get a tech t and get it silk screened - if its too cold, put a long sleeve shirt under. If we put something over it - it sort of misses the whole point of having matching shirts!

One of the girls said that we should put different parts of quotes on our shirts so that as a whole, they say something funny. Problem with that is, 1 girl is doing 9 minute miles and i'm doing 11 minute miles and 2 others are doing 12+ min miles. So, by the time we all pass by, people will be like, what the heck does "with a big" mean?

Oh yeah - my dog farts... bad. I just had to kick him off the couch.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


As if having 2 kids weren't enough, I have been DYING (srsly folks) to get a dog for like a year. But, my husband, being the wiser of the pair, told me we'd need to wait a little while... you know, at least until we unpack all of the underwear.

Well folks - we just took one giant leap towards getting a dog! YEEEEEEEEE!! I just completed an online application to adopt a 11 month old mixed breed. It is SOOO hard to resist those cute 3 month old puppy faces when you go to the adoption events. You just have to keep repeating your mantra in your head "housebroken dog, housebroken dog...."

It feels oddly like I'm growing up all over again... yes i know i have children, but these people made me answer questions about what would happen if we were no longer able to care for the animal. No one did that with the kids... they were all,
"CONGRATULATIONS! Here's your new helpless baby that depends on you for everything!! Isn't he adorable? By the way, there is no owner's manual for this one, buddy!"

And you just know that they were giggling at your vacant expression after they closed the door.